Steps for Healing and Recovery

An Exorcist Explains the Demonic

Our Lady of the Roses
Veronica Lueken

Necedah, Wisconsin
Mary Ann Van Hoof

The Poem of the Man-God
Maria Valtorta

The Queen of Peace
Christina Gallagher


Twelve Steps to Freedom — Recovering from an Addiction to Messages
Breaking free from bondage is difficult because it requires honesty, humility, and a burning desire to know Christ’s truth and will for our lives. The way of salvation offered at apparition sites is easy because it shifts the burden for change to an all-powerful entity, relieving us of the necessity of developing an authentic relationship with our Lord and Savior...

Discerning Apparitions — Twenty Warning Signs for Your Protection
In the thousands of messages being disseminated throughout the world, primarily via the Internet, there are many warning signs. These signs include the use of fear tactics, sensationalism, a false sense of protection, inappropriate language and New Age correlations that claim to be the only way to salvation...

False Prophets and Brainwashing — How Seers are like Cult Leaders
Seers with little or no background in theology claim they are receiving messages and instructions directly from Jesus, Mary and God the Father. Many seers are divorced and remarried, are very young or infirm, or have little education. The seer is the ultimate and final authority concerning questions regarding the interpretation of messages, or exactly how the New Era will be ushered in, but they often do not have answers...

How Pseudo-Religious Cults Infiltrate the Catholic Church
Every year in the United States, hundreds of new religious cults appear, attracting thousands of people with promises of happiness and purpose in life. They often appeal to the highly idealistic who want to change the world, those who desire to reach a higher state of consciousness through Eastern meditation and people who seek absolute religious certitude through fundamentalism and Pentecostal practices. Many of these cults are Christian and rooted in the Scriptures, but it is often difficult to know when a group that is overtly Christian crosses the line and becomes destructive...

The New Gnosticism — Contact with the Spirit World
The word Gnosticism means to know as the gods know and is generally applied to heretical Christian movements of the second century with pre-Christian roots. Gnostic doctrines in all forms were denounced by the early Church Fathers because they involved direct contact with the spirit world. In contrast, Christians believed in salvation through obedience to the will of God, Gnostics claimed they possessed esoteric knowledge received directly from God through the senses, which made them superior...

Mind Control Techniques Deployed at False Apparition Sites
The entities appearing at false apparition sites use established mind control techniques to ensnare their victims who are programmed to surrender to the entity without asking questions, spread the messages and isolate themselves from the Christian community. Their self-esteem is battered, theological errors are buried in thousands of repetitious messages and the language is often coded in the New Age movement...

The Ascended Masters — Who Are They?
Through New Age channelers, entities from the spirit world have revealed themselves as “Ascended Masters” who promise human fulfillment, an era of peace and salvation in exchange for following their messages. Many of these spiritual entities have identified themselves as Jesus, Mother Mary, the Archangel Michael and many other angels and saints...