Twelve Steps to Freedom
Recovering from an Addiction to Messages

Recovering from an Addiction to Messages

1. Admit that without Christ, you are powerless over the cunning snares of the devil. The web of deception spun by Satan at false apparition sites involves brainwashing, threats and other techniques employed by cult leaders to recruit members. Satanic bondage cannot be broken through human will alone, but only through the power of the Holy Spirit.

2. Believe that God’s power is greater than the Antichrist and that only God can set you free from bondage and restore spiritual health to those adversely affected by Satan’s lies. Remember that only God has knowledge and control over the future of our world and that the promised chastisements are from Satan. Keep in mind that private revelation is never necessary for salvation, only an authentic relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

3. Renounce the entities appearing at false apparition sites and all their messages. Turn your life over to the care and protection of Jesus who has revealed Himself through Sacred Scripture and the Church’s Tradition. Burn any books associated with the messages and destroy any articles that have been “blessed” at unapproved sites. It will also be necessary to renounce any consecration vows made to unknown spiritual entities operating at these sites.

4. Make a thorough and honest examination of conscience, admitting that it is wrong to seek signs and wonders as Christ warned us about in Sacred Scripture. Examine especially the sin of pride in believing that you were part of a spiritual elite with access to secret knowledge. Remember that a person commits the sins of superstition by believing that sacramentals offer special protection and guarantee one's salvation. Sanctity is achieved through humility, by recognizing our weakness and sinfulness and depending upon Christ for strength.

5. Confess any sins, wrongdoings and faults to a priest in the Sacrament of Reconciliation with true sorrow. Refrain from anger and self-pity, especially anger and hatred directed toward God, who loves us. Resolve to amend your life by renouncing all of the devil's lies and all false sources of spirituality.

6. Keep in mind that Satan does not let go easily. Expect doubts, temptation, oppression and harassment, which will be proportionate to one’s level of involvement. Arm yourself with the Word of God, the one thing that will defeat Satan. Sacred Scripture is our best defense against religion deception. Clothe yourself in the armor of righteousness. Remember that Scapulars and other religious objects are not amulets or magic charms that will provide protection against evil.

7. Ask Christ to remove any personal defects through his grace, especially the sins of pride, disobedience, superstition and presumption. Renounce seeking knowledge of the future through seers (or any other fortune-tellers), and ask to be removed from any mailing lists.

8. Make a list of all the ways in which you may have spread the work of the devil by disseminating false messages and stop buying products and making donations to organizations that promote these messages.

9. Resolve to make amends to those you may have led into Satan’s power, especially through prayer, understanding, forgiveness, and evangelization.

10. Continue to guard against the snares of the devil through Reconciliation and the Eucharist. Seek council from good priests and others who may have experienced this form of addiction. Form support and prayer groups. Treat those who have been victimized with kindness and encouragement and share your testimony with others.

11. Seek union with Christ through prayer and meditation on Sacred Scripture, praying for knowledge of his will and the grace to carry it out. Balance your prayer time with Christian action and ask Jesus to make you his perfect servant in building up God’s Kingdom. Evangelize the Gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ, rather than unapproved messages.

12. Educate yourself in the Christian faith through Bible study, catechesis and theology classes. Spread God’s plan for salvation through Christ to anyone you know who has been adversely afflicted. Become involved again in your parish community. Live life as Christ intended us to live it—in joyful anticipation of his Second Coming, without fear of what is to come.

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