Discerning Apparitions
Twenty Warning Signs for Your Protection

Discerning Apparitions - Twenty Warning Signs

For Catholics, it is of utmost importance to be able to discern the fatal errors of the thousands of messages that are networking to bring about the New World Order. The vast majority of these false messages contain one or more of the following warning signs that indicate they are of satanic origin:

1. Hatred for the Church — These messages denigrate bishops and priests in an absolute manner, incite fears about changes in the liturgy and the validity of the Mass, predict that the next pope will be the Antipope and demand obedience to the entity rather than the Church. These types of messages also threaten those who do not believe in a particular set of messages, stating that they will not be saved and are hastening the end of the world.

2. Fear Tactics — These types of messages place special emphasis on horrific chastisements that will devastate our planet, and are employed as a fear tactic to force conversion to the entity. Humanity is often degraded and chastised for lack of conversion to the messages, while Mary claims to be a Savior who is holding back the hand of her son from annihilating our planet and destroying mankind.

3. Sensationalism — These messages contain warnings about the Antichrist controlling minds through the Internet, computer chips implanted in the body, the “Three Days of Darkness,” fireballs and comets from heaven, terrible secrets that are never revealed, and the promise of indestructible signs that will suddenly appear at apparition sites. Signs include Polaroid photographs with hidden messages, indestructible parchments containing secrets concerning the future, rose petals from heaven, rosaries that change color, and spectacular signs in the heavens.

4. False Protection — In these situations, demonic entities bless sacramentals that must be worn by followers and impart special marks that guarantee salvation, both physical and eternal. Many sites have special medals, blessed handkerchiefs, sacramentals and healing waters. The messages emphasize the necessity of building refuge centers and stockpiling food and water. Special protection through “rapture” is often offered for those who accept the messages.

5. Spiritual Pride — These messages glorify and promote the visionaries, or give them power and promise special honors, such as the promise of being one of the greatest saints in history or a pillar of the new church. Special gifts, such as the stigmata, communion from angels, extrasensory perception, bilocation and automatic writing, are commonly offered as proof. Believers are called the chosen elite, the followers of light, the enlightened ones, or similar epithets, and often receive their own visions or locutions. The entities assert their own power and authority, independent of God, and refer to the peace plan as their own. They often demonstrate excessive egoism, which is inconsistent with Christ and his mother’s perfect humility and dependence upon God.

6. Millenarianism — These messages promote a millennial reign of Christ on earth that is clearly within the course of history and before the reign of the Antichrist, rather than after Christ’s Second Coming, as the Church teaches. It is often called the “Eucharistic Reign of Christ,” but is described as the “new heavens and new earth.”

7. False Ecumenism — The goal of these messages is a new era of peace, harmony and brotherhood, in which there is no difference between religions. They work toward the formation of a new church without sacraments, dogma, or unity in truth. The messages spread the principles of Freemasonry, particularly equality of religion, at the same time as they accuse the Church of having been overtaken by Masonic bishops.

8. False Way of Salvation — These messages stress spreading the devil’s lies or related devotions rather than the good news of salvation through Christ, thus undermining Christian evangelization. The entity often claims they are the greatest messages since the creation of the world, as at Medjugorje, thus overshadowing the Gospel in importance. A good example of this comes from The Lady of All Nations who stands in front of the crucified Christ as the Word of God and our Redeemer.

9. Attacks Against Hope — These types of prophecies predict massive chastisements, often suggesting dates and time frames for completion. God the Father threatens to destroy our planet with horrendous catastrophes that will kill nearly everyone, even if they convert, a concept that embodies hatred of God, a sin against God’s love and stifles hope. Messages indicate that Christ does not forgive sin, which is contrary to the most important Christian doctrine because it denies the reason for Christ’s incarnation, death and resurrection, and indicates that our faith is in vain.

10. Confusion — These messages create confusion and division within the Church by casting doubt on the validity of Scripture, Catholic doctrine, the declarations and directives of bishops, the documents of the Second Vatican Council and similar matters. Although the messages point to thousands of others around the world as proof of authenticity, they are nearly all contradictory and contain false prophecy.

11. Inappropriate Language — These messages are frequently repetitive and contradictory, often with theological, grammatical, and historical errors. The language may be archaic, colloquial, banal, and disrespectful of others. Oftentimes it contains slang, attacks on humanity and the Church and other indications that they are not from God. In addition, repetitious messages are a recognized form of mind control.

12. Misdirected & Repetitive Prayer — These messages demand repetitive prayer that is generally restricted to rosaries or novenas offered to the entity to make it possible for her plan of salvation to succeed, contrary to Christ’s directives. It draws those who believe in the messages away from Christ and charitable endeavors by requiring a disproportionate amount of their time.

13. Ill Effects — Those involved with false apparition sites often report family problems, crises, health issues, depression and other signs of diabolical activity. These hardships are commonly attributed to diabolical attacks for having converted and received great graces due to signs, wonders, or emotional experiences.

14. Proliferation — Spreading the messages has a snowball effect, with an increase in visions, locutions, false messages, weeping statues, bleeding crucifixes, signs in the heavens, images in nature and countless other signs, many of which degrade Christianity. The messages often state that the more widely and quickly these messages are spread, the sooner the entity will triumph.

15. Signs of the Occult — These types of messages emphasize numerology, magic photos, signs in nature, colors and dates and other occult-like symbolic practices. The numbers eleven and thirteen are often employed, as well as the circle. The entities delivering false messages often display unusual behavior, such as strange laughter, dropping the baby Jesus, tossing seers to the ground, performing feats to amaze the bystanders and appearing in unusual places and on demand. The seers are often forced into unnatural positions, or describe terrible struggles with demonic forces. Messages emphasize that man must renounce his free will in the millennial kingdom, stress the necessity of surrendering to the entity, and urge all to open their hearts so that the entity can possess their souls and control their actions.

16. Profitability — These messages contain urgent pleas for donations of money and property, and may be associated with sales of T-shirts, coffee mugs, pins, pendants, watches, bumper stickers, painted images, expensive unapproved medals and similar paraphernalia. Gift shops offer a wide range of literature promoting unapproved messages from seers, while travel agencies realize large profits from organizing pilgrimages. Large corporations with a vested interest in profits often become involved, as well as radio and television producers, webmasters, and organizations dedicated to the visionaries and their messages.

17. Equality with Christ — These types of messages request a final Marian dogma that will declare her Co-Redemptrix in the history of salvation, asserting equality with Christ. On May 10, 2002, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, said he does not believe there will be any Church compliance with this request because the word “with” would obscure the fact that Mary is everything that she is through Christ. Many of the messages from false apparition sites state that this request must be fulfilled in order for the entity to triumph.

18. Proliferation via the Internet — False messages of salvation are primarily being disseminated via the Internet, the very means by which the same messages warn will be the Antichrist’s tool to control minds, and thus escape ecclesiastical censure and control.

19. New Age Language — In these messages words and phrases that are coded for the New Age are employed, such as portal, peace plan, matrix, twin flames, surrender, light-bearer, illumination, the rainbow, seeking God in nature, turning the negative into positive, being a shepherd to Jesus, becoming children of light, joining the entity’s cohort or legion, and so on.

20. Political Overtones — These messages often contain detailed advice and prophecies concerning specific dignitaries, politicians, ecclesiastical authorities, elections and related matters. The entities that deliver these messages may defend the immoral behavior of priests, or discourage obedience to ecclesiastical authorities, which often results in further division within the Church.

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