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William Kamm, The Little Pebble

Order of Saint Charbel - William Kamm, The Little Pebble

William Kamm, also known as the Little Pebble, claims to be in contact with the Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph, Jesus Christ, and many angels and saints. Kamm was born in Cologne, West Germany, in 1950, and first began to have mystical experiences on Easter Sunday 1968. Two years later he founded the Marian Work of Atonement, based in Nowra, New South Wales, Australia. 

Kamm received the name Little Pebble in 1982, in reference to Saint Peter, the Rock upon which the Catholic Church was founded, and to Kamm’s future role as the final pontiff before the Millennial Reign of Christ. According to Kamm’s website, there have been over 600 public messages given to the Little Pebble, which have been circulated by over 50 major promoters throughout the world, who receive his messages by postal mail. The promoters photocopy the messages and translate the text into the local language.

Kamm has claimed that Jesus commissioned him to rule as the final pontiff before the Millennial Reign as the one chosen to shepherd the people through the age of tribulation and darkness into the Promised Land. The faithful were called to become Latter Day Saints by placing their feet firmly upon the Rock of Truth, which was being given to Kamm. According to Kamm, those who abandoned the Little Pebble would be abandoning Christ’s ship.

According to one message, Jesus promised that “a strong unity will be seen amongst the elect as a sign to the Church and the world that My Word is the Trite Word that will set men free onto the path of righteousness and truth.” The word trite meaning banal, clichéd and overdone seems to epitomize Kamm’s messages, which include the false prophecy that Pope John Paul II would be forced to flee the Vatican when the “red forces of evil” marched into the Basilica of Saint Peter.

Believers, under the banner of “Faithful and True,” were instructed to stockpile food and provisions in preparation for the disasters soon to befall humanity. The Little Pebble group disseminates a “Marian Survival and Protection Guide,” written by Mr. James Duffy, head of security. Duffy says that he was instructed by our Lady to guard the “Little Pebble of Love” and his followers during all the promised earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes, wars, nuclear accidents, and invasions, and against all the forces of evil. 

In October 2005, William Kamm was sentenced to five years in prison for sexual attacks on a 15-year-old girl. The assaults occurred when the girl was living within Kamm's Order of Saint Charbel Community. Kamm claims that the Blessed Virgin Mary advised him that this girl should be chosen as one of his 12 Queens and 72 Princesses, all of whom would become his wives in order to spawn a new human race after the world was destroyed by chastisements from God. The Blessed Mother appointed him as the "New Abraham."

After losing an appeal, Kamm has been sentenced to the maximum ten years in jail for sexual assault. In the meantime, many of Kamm’s followers are abandoning his “ship.” Some have gone into hiding, while others are having difficulties supporting their families because they gave all their money to Kamm. The former seer still reports messages, however. The Blessed Mother allegedly appeared to him in his prison cell on December 12, 2005, calling him her “little martyr in chains” and promising that her “Innocent Lamb” would be set free very soon and vindicated through many signs, so that all would know he is truly God’s prophet.

On June 16, 2002, Most Reverend Peter William Ingham, Bishop of Wollongong, Australia, issued a decree stating that there is nothing supernatural about Kamm’s alleged visions and that his false teachings and claims to authority are in clear contradiction to the teachings, discipline and authority of the Catholic Church. The bishop warned that these teachings are dangerous and harmful to Christ’s faithful.

On June 10, 2003, Bishop Ingham issued a decree of excommunication for Father Broussard, William Kamm, and all other members associated with the Order of Saint Charbel. The decree of excommunication reads as follows:

Decree of Excommunication, William Kamm

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