Prepare for the Great Tribulation
John Leary, New York

Prepare for the Great Tribulation - John Leary, New York

John Leary, a father and grandfather from Rochester, New York, claims he has been receiving messages from Jesus and Mary since his trip to Medjugorje in 1993. The messages are detailed in thirteen volumes, published as Prepare for the Great Tribulation and the Coming Era of Peace. According to Catholic news sources, Leary’s volumes have sold in the tens of thousands and have appeared on Catholic bestseller lists. The sheer quantity of messages presents a serious challenge for close analysis, although the false prophecy and emphasis on physical salvation provides a clear indication of the source.

John Leery prophesied that the successor to Pope John Paul II (Pope Benedict XVI) would be an impostor who would force an alliance with the anti-Christ. Followers were advised to flee when Pope John Paul II was forced to leave Rome, which would take place when evil people started placing the mark of the beast on unbelievers. In September 1997, after Communion, Leary saw an empty black chair, which Jesus told him was a sign that the pope was leaving Rome, and its color was a symbol that an evil pope would take over his position. There would be a schism in the Church and the “true faithful” would be forced underground.

According to John Leary, during the tribulation the faithful must flee to special hiding places or refuges, located in mountain caves and at apparition sites and other holy places, including private homes. For those who might find it difficult, Jesus reminded his followers that He was born in a cave and fled to a cave in Egypt.

According to Leary’s website, “All of the places of refuge will have a miraculous spring of water for healing, and there will be a luminous cross over them. Those who look upon the luminous cross will be healed of all diseases and infirmities. At the refuges the food that you have will be multiplied. The angels will provide the manna and like the quail of the Exodus, deer will be provided. The evil ones will not be able to detect the faithful at the refuges by sight, sound, scent, or any other means of detection.”

Messages state that the tribulation will take place after the Warning, accompanied by three signs: world famine, division in the Church, and mandatory chips implanted in the body. Followers will be led to the refuges by their guardian angels, but it will be necessary to travel the final distance on bicycles or by foot. Everyone must bring extra food, water, warm clothes, a deer knife, and a shovel. Additionally, they need to carry Bibles, rosaries, scapulars, Saint Benedict crosses, holy water, and blessed candles.

Only those who have been marked with a special cross on their foreheads will be allowed access to the refuge centers. The Antichrist will implant a computer chip in everyone’s hands in order to control their minds. These chips will be forced on people for buying and selling, or to be able to travel. Anyone who refuses them will be considered an outlaw and will be hunted down by the authorities. Although Leary was promised that angels would provide sustenance in the refuges, the faithful were still advised to stockpile food and bring it with them.

The Antichrist will give his speeches in sports stadiums, but no one should look at his face because he will have demonic powers to influence the mind to worship him. There will be catastrophic events before the Antichrist declares himself, so followers must be prepared spiritually and physically with their backpacks so they can quickly come to the refuge centers for protection from whatever events will be happening. Leary also warns that televisions and computer monitors must be removed after the Warning to avoid being influenced or controlled by the Antichrist because he will have the technical ability to place subliminal messages on the screens that will affect the subconscious mind.

On July 7, 2000, on behalf of Bishop Matthew H. Clark, the diocese of Rochester announced that John Leary had mistaken the “normal workings of the mind in the processes of mental prayer for supernatural locutions,” that that his “locutions are human in origin, not divine,” and that a preface must be included warning the readers that the material contains doctrinal errors, which include Millenarianism and the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

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