Disciples of the Latter Times
Mary Jane Even, Lincoln, Nebraska

Disciples of the Latter Times - Mary Jane Even, Lincoln, Nebraska

Mary Jane Even, a former university professor from Lincoln, Nebraska, has reported “intellectual locutions” from Jesus and the Virgin Mary since 1992. Her alleged messages disclose “the scope of knowledge that Heaven wishes you to know on one theme, the Great Warning.”

In a document published in the Southern Nebraska Register on May 5, 1995, the Diocesan Commission stated that there was no evidence whatsoever to support the claim that the locutions were of supernatural origin, adding that, “given the eccentric and far-fetched nature of some of the materials in her writings, as well as the many internal contradictions and errors contained therein, the Diocesan Commission would warn potential readers about the writings of Mary Jane Even. These writings provide a misleading distraction to those sincerely seeking a genuine and authentic Catholic spiritual life and are certainly capable of causing misunderstanding and harm.”

The locutionist’s prophecies include the prediction that Pope John Paul II would be forced to flee the Vatican, that an Anti-Pope would be elected, and that the Seat of Peter would be moved to Jerusalem. Simultaneously, the world would experience the Antichrist’s world domination, a world war, and an economic collapse. In 1997 the end of the world was only a few years away, which was to include a great warning, three days of darkness due to nuclear war, and permanent signs left at apparition sites all over the world.

According to Mary Jane Even, the great warning would cause deep depression in everyone, causing them to fall into despair and commit suicide. It would be followed by continuous thunder, mass suicides, fires, earthquakes, and floods. A meteor would hit the earth and the subsequent cloud of dust would block the sun and burn the land and human flesh. The meteor’s impact would cause the greatest earthquake ever, which would destroy all unprotected homes and cause entire cities to disappear. It would be followed by plagues of insects, nuclear fallout, acid rain, and prolonged temperatures of eighty degrees below zero. Further devastation was to include worldwide food shortages, an economic collapse, the emergence of the Antichrist, the Third World War, the Mark of the Beast, and the destruction of all churches, all before the year 2000.

Letters posted on the Internet lament the dangers of belief in such messages. For example, a woman from Chicago complained, “My in-laws are getting tons of literature from (and sending money to) this person in Nebraska, and they now believe that the next pope is going to actually be the “Anti-Pope” and will be working with the Anti-Christ to bring about the end of the world in a matter of months. The woman running this group has got them buying bizarre supplies (everything from hard candy to “Urgent Bee Pollen” to canned corned beef), boarding up the house and heaven knows what else. I’m concerned that this person is (a) bilking them out of their money, (b) preying on the old and weak-minded, and (c) going to incite them into some kind of action that may not be beneficial to them or the world at large. I’m becoming very frightened by their behavior.”

Although Dr. Even’s messages ended in 2004, a recent message from “Jesus” was sent in March 2007 to all those who had received the locutionist’s messages in the past, even those who asked to have their names removed from her list. The message informed them that they were now “Disciples of the Latter Times,” warning them not to share this information with anyone, not even family and friends. They would each be assigned to one of twelve Apostles. As disciples, they would be required to serve as bodyguards, a task that would entail the ability to use guns and knives.

The Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska, answered questions concerning the revelations of Mary Jane Even on their website as follows:

“In your diocese a woman named Mary Jane Even claims to be receiving supernatural locutions and revelations. Does the Diocese of Lincoln have anything to say about this matter?”

“The Diocese of Lincoln has a clear statement about this matter and a copy of this statement can be obtained by writing or calling the Chancery office. A diocesan commission has carefully examined the claims of Mary Jane Even and concluded that there is nothing supernatural about her locutions and revelations. They are sometimes farfetched and even contain doctrinal error. No belief should be placed in them or in her.”

“Would it be a sin to believe in or support the visions and locutions of Mary Jane Even?”

“It is difficult to see how sin, even serious sin, could be avoided in such belief and support. Her alleged 'visions and locutions' have been determined by Church authorities to be totally devoid of any supernatural character. Some of the doctrines she teaches are clearly false. Therefore, supporting or believing her could involve spreading religious error. Sometimes credulous people who believe her have suffered sever hardships for themselves and their families, by moving to 'safe havens' at enormous financial and personal loss. Her supporters thus may have grave sins of injustice on their consciences because of this. Also, she purports to foretell the future. Participating or involvement in fortune telling, with any measure of belief, is always sinful. Sometimes serious private revelations are due to fraud or hallucinations. But sometimes they are due to demonic forces.”

Mary Jane Even, Disciples of the Latter Times

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