Apocalyptic messages depict God as an angry tyrant who intends to inflict severe chastisements on the human race. According to messages relayed by seers, the only way to stop the wrath of God is to pray rosaries to the entity appearing all over the world, who calls herself our Savior and states that she is the only one who can hold back the hand of God’s wrath. She claims she has been waiting for 2,000 years for the opportunity to institute “her Plan” for salvation, not that offered through faith in Jesus Christ. 

Few followers realize that most traditional titles of the Blessed Mother—such as Queen of Peace, Mother of God, and Queen of Heaven—have been claimed by the Wisdom Goddess from the beginning of mankind. She is also known as Isis, who refers to the God of Christianity as Satan. Her “peace plan”—the promised Golden Age—is being promoted by nearly everyone on earth in one form or another, because it is the same as that being offered through the New Age movement.

Because of the spectacular signs, many followers believe the apparitions and their messages must be from God. Concerning signs, however, Christ said, “An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign shall be given to it except the sign of Jonah” (Mt 16:4). The purpose of this website is to help followers discern the messages and paranormal phenomena for themselves, in order to better understand the deception that is at hand. Please feel free to browse the articles, keeping in mind that the messages discussed here represent only a small sample of the thousands that have been reported.


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False Prophets of the End Times