Apocalyptic messages from false prophets is a problem that has reached epidemic proportions. Those who follow the messages reported by seers often become addicted due to the healings, solar phenomena, and other inexplicable signs that seem to indicate divine origin. Others become intrigued by the possibility of knowing the future. Many of those who become involved, however, ironically suffer from diabolical attacks, inexplicable illnesses, and depression. Only a thin veneer separates them from New Age and occult messages and practices.

To make matters worse, the Catholic Church has not adequately warned the faithful about the dangers of seeking signs, praying to unknown spiritual entities, and wearing sacramentals that have been blessed by these entities at apparition sites. Nor have the faithful been instructed concerning the dangers behind unapproved private messages, most of which have never been properly studied or evaluated. The messages may seem orthodox, but the poison that separates the faithful from Christ is occult and not easily detected. The addiction they produce can be compared to a cult.

It is important to understand that the Church never really “approves” the messages of private revelation because it is impossible to verify their source. Even when the Church accepts an apparition, a decision that is not infallible, the faithful should never treat the messages as the Word of God by giving them the assent of divine faith. The messages are never necessary for salvation, even when they have been endorsed by Popes and are accompanied by inexplicable signs. Belief in the approved apparitions at Guadalupe, Lourdes and Fatima is not a prerequisite for salvation, but spreading unapproved messages could involve separation from God by doing the work of the devil. Extreme caution is always advisable.


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